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Democrats are the extremists

We only see this tremendous upsurge in “militia” activity when a Democrat is in the White House (“Extremist groups burgeon,” March 9). This phenomenon occurred, also, while Clinton was in office.

Rightly or wrongly, many Americans view the Democratic Party as a threat to freedom. Democrats seemingly regard the Constitution as toilet tissue, an impediment to their “Big Brother” agenda.

Since Obama took office, gun sales have skyrocketed. There were 130,000 gun transactions, on Black Friday alone, last year. Why? Barack Obama is the most anti-gun president ever. Americans fear that Obama will eventually ban all firearms.

President Obama has appointed two radical left activist justices, both of whom hate the Second Amendment, to the U.S. Supreme Court. It’s feared that the Obama administration may soon erase the Second Amendment from the Constitution.

One nationally published magazine says that the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, is a communist front organization.

Finally, maybe it’s the anti-freedom Democratic Party that should be listed as an “extremist group”!

Curtis E. Stone


Boycott gas stations

About one month ago, traders announced that the price of gasoline would go up about $1 by summer. Amazingly, within days this self-fulfilling prediction began to come true.

Please note that there are no oil shortages, and gasoline usage is down, and refineries are operating in the 80 percent range, so what happened to supply and demand? That only applies in a free market, not in the manipulated market that exists.

Individually, there isn’t one darn thing we can do about it, but collectively we could change it in short order. How?

Stop buying gasoline from one supplier! If no one buys one drop of gasoline from them, they will get the message fast.

Since there is no gas shortage, just buy what you need from somebody else. When they lower the price a nickel to get you back, still don’t buy until they lower the price back to January prices, around $3.

If people were willing to do this, the oil companies would stop jerking us around or be forced out of business, one by one.

As consumers, this is our only choice, besides bankruptcy. It’s the American way!

D. Neil Fitzgerald

Spokane Valley

Pre-emptive strike warranted

The president reminded us we contained a nuclear USSR with a strategy of mutually assured destruction (MAD); and – even before the Joint Chiefs of Staff defined Iran as “rational actors” – he suggested we can similarly contain a nuclear Iran.

Current stated policy regards an Iran with nuclear weapons as unacceptable, and “all options – including force – being on the table” for preventing it. Tactics for prevention are primarily sanctions, diplomacy and negotiations that up until now seem not to have worked.

MAD is not a viable strategy for Israel’s survival. Because of relative size and population, Iran can absorb far more destruction. Knowledgeable people suggest two nuclear detonations can completely destroy Israel. One may say – in the spirit of MAD – Iran knows if they strike Israel, the United States will launch a massive retaliatory nuclear strike against Iran. Would that matter to Israel’s survival? No. Can Israel allow Iran to achieve nuclear weapons?

My point is: Faced with the prospect of a nuclear Iran, Israel’s strategic goal of survival is best served by a tactical pre-emptive strike. The question is whether the pre-emptive strike is conventional or nuclear.

Bob Waggoner

Spokane Valley

Sanctions have worked

Joseph Harari’s March 8 letter calling for an American attack on Iran is both historically false and currently provocative. He asks, “How come we didn’t use sanctions against Cuba and the Soviet Union?”

We did, and not one shot was fired during the Cuban missile crisis. In fact, we used sanctions, in the form of an embargo, to force the USSR to stand down. He adds, “show us the sanctions when Iranian missiles can hit New York.” Again, we’ve lived with enemies who could use weapons of mass destruction against our homeland for 50 years.

Israel has asked for Muslim nuclear weapons by not agreeing to a Middle Eastern nuclear-free zone for more than 40 years. The fact is, they have presented the profile of a nuclear power, and now other nations want similar arms. In an honors history scenario I attended, we agreed that the Israeli stance would inevitably lead to nuclear proliferation, and now it has come crashing down on the Israeli state.

We don’t need to sacrifice American lives for Israel. We certainly should talk before using force. Harari should learn from the nuclear standoff between the United States and the USSR We survived; so can Israel.

Jeff Bourget

Coeur d’Alene

Big band orchestra a gem

Spokane offers some of the finest musical entertainment contributing to the arts scene. The Saturday, March 10, outstanding performance by the Spokane Jazz Orchestra was another example of big band jazz at its finest.

The band excelled once again as they backed the engaging talent of guest vocalist Kirstin Korb, who now resides in Denmark. She displayed an amazing talent not only with her voice but with her stand-up bass as well. As if this wasn’t enough, the audience was also treated to four budding, talented high school jazz musicians.

The Spokane Jazz Orchestra is celebrating its 37th season this year and has the distinction of being the oldest community big band in all of America. With the musical talent constantly displayed at its concerts, it seems there should be sold-out houses, but plenty of seats remain to be filled.

I encourage big band lovers to make their way to the next concert at the beautiful Bing theater on May 12.

Larry Stanley


Paul will end the Fed

Who among voters thinks it would be a good idea to hand control of money creation and monetary policy, and thus the U.S. economy, as well as how much taxes you pay for interest, never mind the principal, on a national debt, to a privately owned, unelected, unaccountable, and for-profit banking corporation?

That’s a chilling idea if you ask me. Despite appearances, it would mean that an elected government would be subservient to that corporation and not the people. Yet that’s exactly what the Federal Reserve is.

There’s only one presidential candidate that desires to, and will, send the parasitical Federal Reserve packing and restore the nation back to the people, where power rightfully belongs, and that’s Ron Paul.

We’ve all at one time or another said the Pledge of Allegiance. I’ve personally sworn an undying oath to the U.S. Constitution, and I’ve read it repeatedly. Now it’s time to honor the oath, hold good to the Constitution, and prove the pledge to the republic.

Support Ron Paul, as he is the sole proponent of individual liberty and a constitutional government. Truly, if we give him his dream, he will give us ours.

Kristopher Lummus

Moyie Springs, Idaho

Be better role models

As a freshman at Mead High School, I see the way teenagers and young adults act every day. About 25 percent of our population today is made up of teenagers. Every day, I see how rude and selfish we are as a society.

I mentor a disabled boy, and I eat lunch with him often. When I eat lunch with him, I get countless dirty looks, remarks and snickers. People, even my friends, refuse to sit by us because it would ruin their “image” or “reputation” to be seen interacting with a disabled person.

How cowardly are we as human beings? When he says “Hi” to me in the hallway and gives me a hug, students, even teachers, look at me with puzzlement and disgust. Most people would say they are better than all this, but they’re not!

Be one of those few that are. I challenge you, teenagers, adults, seniors, young children – everybody – be a role model to others and show people how we need to change. Be the person you wish you could be.

Ashlyn Juul



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