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Caucus was a setup

To all Idahoans: Those of us who were unable to vote just got stabbed with a sharp stick!

Now we really know what a caucus is. Thought you’d get to vote in the primary anyway? No, we can’t vote for presidential candidates in the primary! It’s control all over again by those in the government/political realm. A few hundred made the choice for thousands.

Where did our right to vote go? Did we have the normal 12 hours to make it to the polling place? No again, they made it mandatory to be present, sit and listen to others sell you on their candidates, as if we aren’t already bombarded with TV and radio commercials as well as newspaper ads – and then, you had to stay after the vote and vote again if there wasn’t a majority.

Like this setup deal? Feel threatened yet?

Soldiers (fighting for our liberties), senior citizens unable to sit for two to three hours (my mother and mother-in-law both in their nineties never missed a primary or general election), other people working, out of town or having prior commitments never had the chance to vote, and no absentee ballots!

As an Independent voter, I want the chance to vote! Why, in the USA, should I have to declare my allegiance to a party when I have voted for candidates in both parties?

Write your Idaho state representative senator, Republican and Democratic committees, and complain.

Carolyn Smith

Mackay, Idaho


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