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Government jobs at stake

While we debate the merits of welfare, food stamps and other social programs, one segment of people are overlooked: the bureaucrats who run the system.

Many bureaucrats running the welfare system simply do not care if someone is unjustly receiving welfare and food stamps, etc., as long as they retain their cushy, cushy government jobs. The folks who run the welfare system, although they deny it, want as many people as possible on government assistance.

That’s their job security! Having you depend upon them. The more folks who leave the welfare rolls the fewer bureaucrats we need. That’s why the welfare agencies fight hard to prevent funding cuts. It’s not about you, the poor or the children; it’s about government bureaucrats maintaining their precious government jobs.

And if you think that any of these bureaucrats lose sleep overnight due to your plight in life, you are sadly mistaken. They are afraid they may lose their government jobs and may have to go out and find a real job.

William A. Hall



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