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District earns scrutiny

Shawn Vestal’s article “Hint of Truth …” (March 10) highlights a necessary civil duty. Laws about elections exist to provide a legal basis for fair elections. The Public Disclosure Commission can only investigate possible violations when a citizen makes a complaint. Filing with this commission is not an anti-school act; it is the right and duty of any citizen who has possible evidence of illegality.

Misuse of school district resources to promote a particular candidate, as one teacher has admitted, or to pass a certain levy is not merely a misstep. It is illegal. Laurie Rogers’ filing with the PDC is the appropriate course of action.

Labeling critics of the Spokane School District as “unhinged,” “conspiracy-minded,” or “out to get the district” does not excuse the school district breaking the law.

The need for the school district to search for all pertinent documents should be blamed on the school district personnel who violated the law, not the person who filed the complaint with the PDC.

What else has the school district done that we don’t know about but should know about?

Burma Williams



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