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Swedish lunch crowds bust a move

STOCKHOLM – Some workers in Sweden have found a rather offbeat way to spend their lunch hour. Actually, on-beat is more like it.

Dripping with sweat and awash in disco lights, they dance away to pulsating club music at Lunch Beat, a trend that started in Stockholm and is spreading to other cities in Europe.

Then they go back to work.

“It is absolutely fantastic!” exclaimed Asa Andersson, 33, who broke away from her job at a coffee shop to bust some moves last week.

The first Lunch Beat was held in 2010 in Stockholm. Only 14 people showed up, but now the Swedish capital has monthly Lunch Beats that attract hundreds.

Similar events have been held in other Swedish cities and in Finland and Serbia. Portugal’s first try will be in Porto next month, organizers said.

Some first-time visitors were amazed at how quickly typically reserved Swedes burst out of their shells. As the DJ pumped up the base, office clerks mingled with business-suit types, the young mixed it up with the middle-aged and university students danced with everyone.