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Distracted lawmakers flunking

It’s way past time for lawmakers to stop playing shell games with education funding!

For weeks, Washington lawmakers have spent time and energy on worn-out distractions and false solutions to our state’s education needs.

First, we heard charter schools would be the magic bullet, but across the country a ridiculous number of charter schools are either failing or are bogged down in controversy. Then lawmakers focused on punitive teacher evaluations, distracting from real issues facing our public schools. Then came their money-losing health care scheme, punishing educators for their efficient, money-saving health care pool, and costing state taxpayers $45 million!

This on the heels of a landmark state Supreme Court ruling that the constitutional obligation to fully fund Washington’s schools has not been met!

If lawmakers do not do the right thing on their own, it’s up to us. So educators, parents, and education supporters, stand together and insist lawmakers end shell games, quit being distracted, and meet their constitutional duty on public education funding.

Join us by calling or emailing your legislators to tell them: Get to work on real solutions. Urge them to respect Washington’s long-standing commitment to public education.

No more shell games. Our kids deserve a quality education.

Bev Schaefer



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