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Stop voter fraud

The Obama administration and its allies continue efforts to institutionalize voter fraud. A March 11 Spokesman-Review article recounted efforts in many states to restrict voting rights. The insinuation is inaccurate and politically misleading, but there is a thread of truth to the concept.

Yes, many people, including myself, want to restrict voting to U.S. citizens who live in their voting district, are actually still alive, and only vote once per election. What an outrageous concept!

The Democrats and Obama are, of course, threatened by such a concept, putting out their eternal argument that anything they disagree with must have racism at its core.

Several states have incorporated programs of state-issued photo identification voter registration cards as an avenue to assure all eligible U.S. citizen voters can vote, even if they have no other government-issued photo identification.

Democrats, of course, oppose such logical solutions, as it would inhibit one of their primary voter blocs (that is, organized fraud).

Restrict voters? Absolutely yes! Restrict it to U.S. citizens, voting in the district within which they live, who are actually still alive, and only vote once per election.

Gerald Click


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