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Tue., May 1, 2012

It’s a choice for many

Anyone who ridicules a woman for staying home to raise her children must have a screw loose. There is no more important occupation than being a mother. Why bring children into this world if you’re going to have someone else raise them?

Steve Smith (April 24) is way off base with his statement that “it is a choice that most of us cannot make.” There are a few million homeschooling families in the United States who choose to live on one income so they can raise and educate their children themselves. I’ll admit that mom staying home is not a choice for many families, but I don’t agree with the term “most.”

The key to more moms being able to stay home is a reorganization of priorities. When you make your children most important and focus on the necessities instead of the luxuries (expensive homes and vehicles, campers, boats, electronics, trips to Hawaii, etc.) it is possible.

The Romneys’ decision to have Ann stay home with their children was a personal one and no one’s business but theirs. And really, does it have anything at all to do with Mitt Romney’s qualifications for president? Nope, just another example of silliness.

Kelli Burton

Medical Lake

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