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Tue., May 1, 2012

Kill ‘Buffett Rule’ for good

Now that the “Buffett Rule” has been defeated in the U.S. Senate, can we put it to rest for good? I am sick to death of hearing this president squawk about fairness when it comes to taxes. Look, I don’t care how much Warren Buffett, or his secretary, or you, or anyone else makes each year. Only two things concern me: First, did you earn it legally and honorably? Second, did you pay taxes on it according to current law?

If those answers are yes, enough said. Equal treatment under the law: isn’t that the very definition of “fair?”

Taking more from the rich only penalizes achievement while pitting citizens against each other by portraying some as evil and greedy. If you don’t understand the difference between income and capital gains, and why they’re taxed differently, look it up! Still think it’s unfair? Then scrap the current tax code. Call your senators. Oh, never mind, they haven’t even passed a budget in years.

By the way, taking every cent from the top 1 percent of American earners wouldn’t run our deficit-spending government for a month! At $15 trillion and counting, do we really want to give this addict more crack?

J.M. Lyons


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