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Continuous hostility tiresome

I can hardly wait for the campaign for the highest office in the land to end. Six more months of personal attacks, name calling, disparaging the truth and astonishing attempts to limit women’s and voters’ rights.

Recently, Dick Cheney called President Barack Obama an “unmitigated disaster,” and Mitt Romney advised the president: “Start packing!” Contrary to that crude behavior, President Obama wished Romney “Good luck!” during his primary run.

It’s difficult for me to accept the fact that some wish the president to fail – meaning the country should fail?

Lately, Rick Santorum called the president a “snob” for wanting all Americans to have a higher education. Yet education leads to wisdom. It is the way out of poverty. It helps keep us free. Without it, we cannot secure America’s leadership in the competitive global environment.

What will it take to set aside the extreme dislike and hostility? Our founders disagreed on many issues, yet still came together to build a nation. Do we have the same courage to face our future, as did they?

Our challenges are very real. Our children are watching us. How will they judge what we are doing? How will they judge what we have done?

Halina Slobodow



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