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FRIDAY, MAY 4, 2012

Stop building near airports

As a former air traffic controller, I can tell you that one of the great concerns for an airport is the surrounding homes or businesses. It’s a matter of convenience for some businesses, but completely unnecessary for housing.

I once worked at a Marine base in California and watched a multitude of housing developments encroach on the airfield. An additional concern about the potential for a disaster involving an aircraft crash became a daily worry for every controller.

In a few short years, we were completely surrounded by homes, and then homeowners began to protest the proximity of overhead flights via arrival and departure routes that were designed for the safety of pilots, passengers and airplanes.

Homeowners only cared about themselves. Frankly, I thought they were some of the most selfish and stupid people on the planet.

There’s no real reason to build homes close to an airport. I hope all building near Fairchild Air Force Base and Geiger Field is stopped in its tracks.

Lives will be saved. I guarantee it.

David Bray


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