May 5, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Jensen-Byrd an eyesore


For the past months I’ve read with great humor the articles insisting the Jensen-Byrd building be preserved, and what wonderful condition it’s in, and how lovely it appears.

Just what building are these people looking at? I was in the place many times before it was closed, and even then it had creaky, soft-feeling floors and outdated space usage with pillars in the way in every direction, preventing any apartment-type of remodeling.

And outside? Sorry, people, but it’s just another ugly square brick building, of which there are dozens of examples throughout downtown Spokane. Give it a rest please. Let’s tear this eyesore down and get some real use out of the space that will also allow the maximum use for students and civilians alike.

Sorry for raining on your parade, but the place was ugly when it was built and hasn’t improved any with age, only worsened. Let it go. Find someplace to champion that deserves it. This building is only standing in the way of real progress, something that area needs desperately.

Les Norton


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