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Sat., May 5, 2012

You will miss USPS

Standing in the post office to mail my presents, I heard the woman in front of me say, “This is ridiculous; I can’t wait until they privatize this place.”

Good luck, ma’am. You think the lines are long now; wait until corporations are running the show. When workers are being paid minimum wage, with no retirement or medical benefits, see how many employees are willing to walk in snow, rain and wind to deliver your package or letter safely to your door.

UPS throws my package at my back door and couldn’t care less if I get it. My mailman takes the time to knock on my door, or take it to my neighbor’s house, or hide it under my mat because he is a professional who takes his job seriously. It is a career to him; he takes pride in what he does.

Our post offices are completely paid for by postage – not one dime of taxpayer monies – and would be solvent if not required to fund its retirement programs forward 75 years. Thank the Republican Congress that snuck through that bill in the year 2000, not the unions.

Joanna McPherson


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