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Bloomsday quiz answers

1. Each year, LaLa Gerber dresses all 40 runner statues in Riverfront Park in vintage Bloomsday T-shirts. (See her personal account to the left.)

2. The Baby Jogger. Kardong pushed his 8-month-old daughter, Kaitlin, in one, while the three-wheel device’s inventor, Phil Baechler, of Yakima, pushed his infant son, Travis, in the other.

3. Race officials scrambled to buy 500,000 paper cups.

4. Sinclair’s 34:25 would have beat or tied five of the past 10 winning Bloomsday times.

5. This year’s 250 Corporate Cup slots sold out in 16 hours.

6. Almost 25 percent of Bloomsday finishers are 18 or younger.

7. Someone stole the toilet paper from all the portable toilets distributed along the race route. Now the toilets aren’t stocked until just before the race.

8. In 2002, Dana Gaber became the 1 millionth Bloomsday finisher and was given free race entries for life.

9. The median Bloomsday finishing time the past six years has been between 1:53 and 1:56.

10. Bloomsday has only one full-time employee: race director Don “Dingy” Kardong.

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