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SUNDAY, MAY 6, 2012

Terrorized by TSA

I am giving up flying. For the last time I have had my scrotum patted down by the Transportation Security Administration. This happened on April 23. Asking why I was being groped, I was told the X-ray backscatter machine showed two anomalies. Pat-down was normal.

My wife usually has her breasts patted down because she wears underwire bras. She is 68. Since she has two metal knees, the TSA person sticks a wand up her dress as if she is getting a pelvic exam. What law allows poorly educated and unskilled people to examine my wife’s and my private areas?

The traveling public are not criminals (mostly). My guess is that if every congressman and senator were treated this way, the law would be changed. Out of curiosity, where in the Constitution does it say the government can have us examined this way?

I am 73 years old. It is highly unlikely that I am a terrorist. It is the TSA who are terrorizing me in the name of a questionable law.

Edward H. Parker Jr.


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