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Annie’s Mailbox: Give in, include cousin in wedding

Mon., May 7, 2012, midnight

Dear Annie: I am getting married in October. Everything was going smoothly until my fiance mentioned that his mom wanted her cousin’s daughter, “Michelle,” to be a bridesmaid. I have never met Michelle, she doesn’t speak English, and I would feel uncomfortable having her play such an important role. My fiance said it would be a nice thing to do, especially since Michelle has cancer, but he left the decision to me.

I decided against it, but was adamant that she attend the wedding as a guest. My fiance’s family, however, felt it was an attack on them. His mom said she wouldn’t feel welcome at our wedding and refuses to attend if Michelle isn’t a bridesmaid. Then my fiance’s sister (who is a bridesmaid) said she wasn’t going to attend, either.

I was heartbroken and confused, and my fiance is trapped in the middle. I now feel Michelle has to be a bridesmaid in order to keep the peace. Was I selfish to deny her in the first place? My fiance’s mom says no matter what I do, she will never look at me the same way. – Bride-to-Be

Dear Bride: Let’s get a couple of things straight. Yes, the bride selects her bridesmaids, and the future in-laws should not be pressuring and threatening you. However, this particular choice means a great deal to them, and it is wise for a bride to periodically please her future in-laws. Including Michelle from the start would have been a minor inconvenience to you while gaining lots of brownie points with your fiance and his family. Now you appear to be heartless. If you stick to your guns, you’ll end up with nothing. So suck it up, apologize profusely, and say you didn’t realize how important it was to include Michelle and you’d be proud and happy to do so.

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