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Hostess warns 250 state workers of possible layoffs

14 in Spokane on the possible-layoff list

The Texas company that produces Twinkies and Wonder Bread has warned about 250 Washington state workers they face layoffs within 60 days unless the company can gain union concessions.

Among those targeted would be about 14 workers in Spokane.

Hostess is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy and trying to renegotiate its contracts with the Teamsters and bakery workers unions.

Hostess’s 111 employees in Seattle, 17 in Kent, and 56 in Pierce County could be laid off, according to a WARN notice it filed with ESD. Other affected sites are in Everett, Bellingham, Bremerton, Tumwater, Longview. Moses Lake and Yakima.

Those are bakery or driver jobs.

The same warning was issued by Hostess to its U.S workforce of more than 18,000, The Wall Street Journal reported.


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