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A friend … really?

Reading Jim Walden’s release by WSU A.D. Bill Moos (“Jim Walden and I have been friends for over 30 years …”), let it be said to Mr. Moos, “With friends like you, who needs enemies?”

Heartfelt thanks to Jim Walden for years of lively, insightful and devoted commentating and for providing radio listeners with a joyful sense of “being there.” He and Bob Robertson are an excellent team, and this is both a sad and maddening day for the Cougars radio audience.

Moos will, of course, continue his steely-eyed pursuit in making his “Big Dog” mark at WSU (and beyond), striving to establish a name and a certain reputation for WSU … (or himself?). The costs to integrity and honor should be taken into deeper consideration. It appears that there is an increasing disrespect and disregard for any person, any program, or anything that is not “new” or of Moos’ aspirations, visions and/or focused strategy.

What message does this send to our students and to our long-faithful friends and alumni about what we value and appreciate?

Kim Forester