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For-profit care is sickening

I thank God for a healthy family because it certainly isn’t the care given to us by the health-maintenance organizations. I give up!

The for-profit American health corporations have left us beleaguered. We tried to play by their rules; almost $700 every month just to keep our names in the computer, $500 deductible for each family member when we did need care, and the amounts increased almost every year. We’re done.

We can no longer afford this extortion. Over $8,000 paid year after year and yet we are still treated like numbered cattle. Physicians can change codes on insurance forms to better increase profits, or suggest another doctor be consulted, which can result in bills from two physicians. Emergency room visits often bankrupt a middle-income family.

We expect more from other services; why not our health care providers? It’s enough to make you sick.

Christopher Micek



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