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Luna recall alive, kicking

Concerning the 2012 Luna recall: Rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated. The Luna recall now has new faces, new energy and new tactics. Our website,, has been simplified and improved. More importantly, the Idaho Secretary of State’s Office has extended the deadline to begin the Luna recall to July 3. This gives us several additional weeks to plan and organize.

On April 30, we took delivery on 10,000 “” bumper stickers and are distributing them statewide. We’ll use texting and Twitter ( to direct folks to them. You may ask, why spend more time and money to recall Luna when the three referendums to repeal the “Luna Laws” will be on the Nov. 6 ballot?

Even if all three referendums should pass, Luna still has two and a half years to continue his assault on students, parents and teachers in Idaho. Teachers are leaving Idaho and teaching faster than fleas jumping off a dead dog, while Luna remains as disconnected and as arrogant as ever.

Let’s remove Luna while we still have public schools in Idaho.

Pete Peterson

Luna Recall Committee



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