MONDAY, MAY 14, 2012


Oil exports won’t help

I have a question. What country will be on the receiving end of the oil shipped from Canada, through the United States to refineries in Texas? China? Like our coal?

Meanwhile, even though it creates jobs here, which is a benefit, it may also create a lot more pollution in our country on its way out of our country. Is it worth it in the long run? Is it going to lower our cost of gas? I doubt it.

Candy Frankel


Pothole patrol paves way

Thanks, city of Spokane!

All of us at Rockwood South Hill, and that is over 500 Spokane citizens, counting residents and staff, want to give 25 cheers for the city’s response to our calls about potholes on 25th Avenue, the gateway road to our retirement community.

On May 1, a group of us called in to report the road erosions that were causing dangerous driving conditions and – voila! – potholes were repaired within the next 36 hours.

Driving is smoother and safer. Thank you for your quick response. We really appreciate it.

Becky Moonitz

Rockwood Retirement Communities


Ban tanning for teens

One blistering sunburn in a person’s childhood more than doubles their chance of getting skin cancer later in life. People under the age of 18 should be banned from using indoor tanning booths under any circumstances.

If tanning was banned for everyone under the age of 18, our children and teenagers would have healthier skin and immune systems, as well as a reduced risk of skin cancer. Teenager and adolescent skin is more vulnerable than that of adults, and is more susceptible to developing skin cancer.

Cancers in adolescents often are not diagnosed because doctors don’t think to do skin examinations on people under the age of 25.

The risk of melanoma for those using tanning beds is 800 percent greater than those who do not resort to indoor tanning.

Save our kids from life-threatening diseases such as malignant melanoma, basil cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma.

Ban indoor tanning from people under the age of 18.

Hollyanne Herbel


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