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THURSDAY, MAY 17, 2012

TSA service appreciated

Sorry, but I must respectfully disagree with Edward Parker’s letter (May 6). I see no problem with airport screening. I am a frequent flyer, having logged over 500,000 miles, and have never seen the TSA get out of line with anyone. Usually the people who complain are infrequent travelers, unfamiliar with the rules, who exaggerate their stories to cover their embarrassment.

The TSA agents are courteous and professional. They are just doing their jobs to make air traffic safer. Can you imagine what would happen if security checks were discontinued? There are many fanatics out there exploring every possible loophole in the system in order to turn your airplane into a weapon.

When someone claims to have a knee implant, how do you know that it’s not really a pipe bomb strapped to their leg? How do you know that al-Qaida has not filled a baby’s diaper with explosives, or intimidated an elderly person into smuggling a gun on board?

I feel much safer knowing that the person sitting next to me has been screened, and I hope that you feel the same about me.

James Foley

Spokane Valley

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