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Thu., May 17, 2012

Women, get a gun

Yet another innocent, defenseless woman has been murdered, this time in Spokane (“Attacker fatally stabs woman,” May 4).

Recently, a women teacher was abducted near North Dakota, while jogging, and then brutally killed by two ex-felon drifters. Earlier, a young woman, from Alaska, was abducted from her workplace. Her kidnapping was captured on video, but she remains missing.

Thugs, monsters, career criminals, sociopaths and crazies surround us. Many of these zombies have been arrested and kicked loose multiple times to prey on us again by our catch and release “criminal justice” system and by bleeding heart liberals who are hard on babies but soft on crime.

Many self-defense options are available for women. Classes in defensive tactics are readily accessible.

Finally, small, lightweight, easily concealed handguns are a realistic self-defense option for women. Indeed, millions of women have ignored the propaganda of America’s powerful, well-financed media/Democratic Party-backed gun-ban lobby, and they’ve acquired firearms to protect themselves from the vicious monsters that freely roam our streets.

Curtis E. Stone


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