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Fri., May 18, 2012

Politics driven by money

The American people are being buried, dug up and buried again by big political parties, super political action committees, big lobbyists and big government. We are being strangled by thousands of new government regulations, and by federal, state and city governments that are choking the small-business man. Plus, out-of-control monetary contributions looking for favors by both parties, big labor, big business and big education.

If you think these billions in contributions are done to find the best candidate for president or legislator to lead our nation, you are sadly mistaken. The contributors expect something favorable for their benefit in return. And, believe me, we voters aren’t in their profitable horizon.

By the time we elect a new president, we will have been spoon-fed what the candidates call rhetoric for almost two years.

The sad part is that after the election there is no respite. They will begin almost at once to start the whole sickening process all over again, and for whose benefit? Certainly not the voters, only the parties. It’s enough to make you cry.

James A. Nelson


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