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That’s News to you answers

Here are the answers to this week’s quiz.

1. B. When county sheriff’s officials searched the home of Terry Verhaag they discovered about 70 tombstones and statuettes taken from several local cemeteries. Verhaag said he wanted to “bless” the headstones with holy water. Officials are trying to notify family members to pick up the markers before Memorial Day.

2. A. The Anglican archbishop emeritus spoke at the Jesuit-run university and received an honorary doctorate.

3. E. Idaho held its first closed primary on Tuesday in which only registered Republicans were allowed to cast a Republican ballot, but Democrats said they’d allow anyone to cast their ballot. There was also an unaffiliated ballot with only nonpartisan races on it that a voter could request. Voters who weren’t already registered by party had to register at the polls, and that registration, along with the type of ballot taken, is public record.

4. C. Although NASA says it is illegal for individuals to own moon rocks in most cases, Navarro says he has one and is selling 0.03 grams of dust from his on eBay.

5. D. Pertussis is commonly called whooping cough, named for the high-pitched sound babies often make as they try to draw breath.

On the Web: Now that you’ve had a bit of practice, try the online version of That’s News to You, where top entries have a chance to win a $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel and all entries will have a chance at free movie tickets. It’s at www. newsquiz.

Last week’s winners were Meredith Coleman, of Spokane, who won the Davenport gift card, and Richard Harris, Eloise Whitehead and Mary Giannini, all of Spokane, who each won a pair of tickets to a Spokane Shock game.