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If you followed the news last week, you might do pretty well at this week’s quiz. You can also try our interactive online quiz, at www. newsquiz, for a chance to win a $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel or free movie tickets.

1. Stevens County law enforcement officials found a large number of what stolen objects in the home of a self-described Satanist?

A. Black cats

B. Tombstones

C. Pentagrams

D. Human remains

E. Can’t fool me. There are no Satanists in the Inland Northwest.

2. Desmond Tutu gave the commencement speech at which Inland Northwest school?

A. Gonzaga University

B. Whitworth University

C. Whitman College

D. University of Idaho

E. Washington State University

3. Which of the following was true about the Idaho primary last Tuesday?

A. A voter had to register by party

B. Only registered Republicans could vote in the Republican primary

C. Anyone could vote in the Democratic primary

D. A voter’s party affiliation and the ballot they took is part of the public record

E. Can’t fool me. All of those are true.

4. Rafael Navarro is selling what on eBay with an asking price of $300,000?

A. Gold coins from a sunken pirate ship

B. A diamond that was once in the Crown Jewels

C. Dust from a moon rock

D. His minority share of Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner I’ll Have Another

E. A tiny Caribbean island

5. Health officials are concerned about the rise in cases of pertussis. What is that disease’s more common name?

A. German measles

B. Chicken pox

C. Croup

D. Whooping cough

E. Consumption

Check your work

To find out how you did, turn to Page B7.

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