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Tue., May 22, 2012

Can’t trust Obama’s word

President Barack Obama has finally announced his support for elevating gay relationships to co-equal status with traditional marriage. But among those who follow politics, few actually believed the president’s previous position opposing gay marriage. Thus, Obama was never attacked in the same manner as other supporters of the traditional relationship because it was known he was lying.

There is in the Democratic Party the view that the American people are vicious and stupid or, stated in its Marxian form, that people lack the proper consciousness. In either case, it becomes quite acceptable to lie to obtain power, and then use that power to impose the “proper” policies.

The most obvious prior examples were the southern Democrats, such as Al Gore Sr., who ran on racist platforms, or the many Democrats who abandoned their pro-life stances when they aspired to high national office.

The president has told us many things about who he is, what he believes, how he feels about the country. He was also recently overheard conveying to the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that, after the next election, he would have more “flexibility.” Putting all this together, is there anything President Obama says in which we can place trust?

Bill Manuel


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