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More on hepatitis C

Dr. Alisa Hideg missed a couple of points in her May 8 article on hepatitis. Hepatitis C can be transferred by bodily fluids, and also through impure recycled water in a dentist office. This happened to me (and possibly others?) in 1999 at a local dentist’s office after a small surgical incision had contaminated water flushed over it.

The infection was luckily caught a few months later when I donated blood at the blood bank. I had to go through six months of grueling treatment to kill the antibodies that I was infected with, but the treatment worked and I am hepatitis C-free.

If hepatitis C is detected early enough, it can be successfully cured, as happened to me. Some dentist offices may still recycle their water and purify it, and people should be aware of the dangers in something as simple as a dentist visit. This dentist has since retired, sold his practice and is now deceased.

Also, Hideg says ibuprofen is hard on the liver. My doctor tells me ibuprofen affects your kidneys, not your liver. I wonder who’s right?

Linda Taylor



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