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Fri., May 25, 2012

Wrong about Idaho primary

The point you missed in discussing the Idaho primary (May 18) is that it is a process solely for party members. The party is selecting its candidates, not the general public, and certainly not the gutless independents.

The heart of the issue is that there are not enough people who choose to get involved in the process. As a Bonner County chairman for a good many years, I can assure you there are lots of people who bemoan politics but choose not to be involved, although in reality we all are whether we like it or not.

In Bonner County, the dedicated party members routed the newborns. We need to ensure that the two-party system works; otherwise we have the European multiparty system.

If you think that works, think again. In my judgment it was your editorial that was wrong, wrong, wrong. In Idaho, we need to make the primary work, which will strengthen both parties.

Paul Rechnitzer

Sagle, Idaho

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