Musicfest Northwest results

Here are some of the results from the recent Musicfest Northwest festival. CM denotes a Certificate of Merit.

May 16

Ballet Division

Class 2, Adjudication, Senior: CM, Gold, Ashley Jeromchek; CM, Silver, Isabella Santos, Nora Swoboda; CM, Jennifer Hansen.

Class 4, Adjudication, Junior B: CM, Chelsea Thronson, Megan Meier.

Piano Division

Class 28, Classical Section, Grade 6: CM, Gold, Justin Cai; CM, Silver, Isaac Montgomery; CM, Annika Briggs, Lisa (Yujia) Yang.

Class 80, Concerto, Grades 9-10: CM, Gold, Katharine Zorich; Silver, Hannah Georgen.

Class 104, Ensemble, Junior: CM, Gold, The Late Romantics (Anna Thompson, Adalei Dimmel, Angela Lee, Erin Muat); Silver, The McCoy Brothers (Jude McCoy, Seth McCoy): CM (adjudication only), Asian Persuasion (Alex Zhu, D.G. Kim, David Yuan, Gabriel Soileau).

Class 83, Quick Study, Elementary: CM, Gold, Matthew Chen; CM, Silver, Rosie Zhou, Wendy Bai.

Class 102, Ensemble (adjudication only): CM, Double Treble (Bridget Powers-Beggs, Fiona Powers-Beggs).

Class 17, Haydn or Mozart Sonata, Grade 9: CM, Silver, Eva Keller, Caleb Montgomery.

Class 73, Open, Grades 7-8: CM, Danielle Fernandez, Sara Kirby, Thomas Ewert.

Class 60, Sonata, Grade 7: CM, Gold, Kennadi Hawes, Lisa Schafer; CM, Silver, Anna Munch-Rotolo, Grace Chung, William Fisher; CM, Valeria Aizen, Savannah Cordova, Brigitta Briggs.

Class 46, Impressionist, Grade 12: CM, Gold, Selected for Adjudicators Choice Playoffs Section IV, Aaron Wittrock, Silver, Evan Cook.

Class 66, Original Composition, Grades 1-3: CM, Stephen White.

Class 72, Open, Grades 4-6: CM, Erin Chaves, Jonathan Baird.

Class 44, Impressionist, Grades 9-10: CM, Gold, Selected for Adjudicators Choice Playoffs Section IV, Gabriel Soileau; CM, Silver, Anna Thompson, Val Wold; CM, Joshua Ross, Kelly Stone, Natalie Williams, Lauren Dvorak, Acea Sands.

Class 69, Original Composition, Grades 10-12: CM, Gold, Daniel White, Alexandra Kraft, Acea Sands.

Class 57, Contemporary, Grade 12: CM, Gold, Selected for Adjudicators Choice Playoffs Section IV, Jonathan Alwine; CM, Silver, Gabe Jensen, Emma Leithart; CM, May Lim.

Class 68, Original Composition, Grades 7-9: CM, Gold, Hannah Dierdorff; CM, Silver, Kyle Thiessen.

Class 89, Sight Reading, Lower Intermediate: CM, Gold, Janet Phang.

Class 64, Sonatina, Grade 7: CM, Gold, Olivia Pells; CM, Silver, Maya Phipps.

Class 33, Romantic, Grades 1-3: CM, Brooklyn Brunette, Meredith Montgomery, Hope Storro.

Class 22, Beethoven Sonata, Grade 10: CM, Gold, Selected for Adjudicators Choice Playoffs Section II, Katharine Zorich; CM, Silver, Sarah Schafer, David Yuan; CM, Milov de Mey, Jazmin Hodge, Laura True.

Class 90, Sight Reading, Upper Intermediate: CM, Gold, Margaret Klein; CM, Silver, Jude McCoy.

Class 84, Quick Study, Lower Intermediate: CM, Gold, Janet Phang; CM, Silver, Sarah Wu; CM, Jasmine Wen.

Class 30, Classical Section, Grades 9-10: CM, Gold, Selected for Adjudicators Choice Playoffs Section II, Alexander Garza; CM, Silver, Lauren Udlock; CM, Molly Ryan, Gabriella Avakimian.

String Division

Class 26, Open, Intermediate Grades 4-6: CM, Catherine Treis, Evan Thiessen, Dominic Treis.

Class 3, Solo, Level 2: CM, Gold, Grace Chung; CM, Silver, Viktor Black.

Class 27, Open, Intermediate Grades 7-8: CM, Satoka Abo, Alina Haroldsen.

Class 16, Concert Works, Double Concerto or Concert Duo: CM, James Marshall.

Class 32, Open, Kreisler/other romantic miniatures: CM, Nathan Westlund.

Class 24, Open, Elementary Grades 7-8: CM, Joshua Brower.

Voice Division

Class 9, Solo, Grade 9: CM, Gold, Morgan Keene; CM, Silver, Natalya Ferch; CM, Edmund Brown, Hannah Siglin.

Class 18.2, Foreign Language Art Song, Grades 10-12: CM, Gold, Brenna Feeney; CM, Silver, Justin Heftel; CM, Elliana Giampietri.

Class 24, 17th and 18th century Italian, Grade 11: CM, Silver, Kylee Solberg.

Class 19.3, British and American Modern Composers, Grades 11-12: CM, Brenna Feeney.

May 17

Piano Division

Class 78, Concerto, Grades 3-6: CM, Gold, Rebekah Heo; CM, Silver, Justin Cai; CM, Ginny Lou Garabedian, Andrew Irvine, Lisa (Yujia) Yang.

Class 105, Ensemble, Senior (12th Grade and Below): CM, Gold, Te Deum (Regan Siglin, Eun-song Koh); CM, Silver, Dolce Feroce (May Lim, Rebecca Sumner).

Class 65, Sonatina, Grade 8: CM, Gold, Annika Tangvald; CM, Silver, James Marshall; CM, Peter Donegan.

Class 43, Impressionist, Grades 7-8: CM, Gold, Julie Schafer; CM, Silver, Rachel Tiffany, Seth Lowman.

Class 72, Open, Grades 4-6: CM, Anna Adams, Cody Adams, Nathaniel Garza, Preston Walker.

Class 92, Sight Reading, Senior: CM, Gold, Regan Siglin; CM, Silver, Carter Bastian.

Class 51, Contemporary, Grade 6: CM, Gold, May Quang; CM, Silver, Lorelei Dimmel, Lisa (Yujia) Yang; CM, Fiona Powers-Beggs, Michael Lin, Isaac Montgomery, Josie Paulson, Nick Morin, Tyler Hill, Willa King, Jane Tang, Anna Bunzel, Ruth Call, Caleb McKen.

Class 3, Baroque, Grade 4: CM, Gold, Jacob Keyes, Sarah Wu; CM, Silver, Nikola Bezezny, Cole Dinwoodie, Jonah Grieser, Annika Keller, Lucy Yan.

Class 85, Quick Study, Upper Intermediate: CM, Gold, Anna Thompson, Acea Sands; CM, Silver, Emma Thackston, Margaret Klein.

Class 6, Baroque, Grades 7-8: CM, Lisa Schafer, Danek Black.

Class 71, Open, Grades 1-3: CM, Sarah Payne, Robbie Loft, Lance Fairbanks, Jack Nebeker.

Class 59, Sonata, Grade 8: CM, Gold, Caleb Hindman; CM, Silver, Hunter Hansen, Anna Nowland; CM, Madeline Walker, Thomas Loftus.

Class 73, Open, Grade 7-8: CM, Emma Adams, Alice Burchett.

Class 35, Romantic, Grade 6: CM, Gold, Lisa Yang; Silver, Luke Denke.

Class 5, Baroque, Grade 6: CM, Gold, Justin Cai; CM, Silver, Annika Briggs, Nathanael Jo; CM, John Conner.

Adjudicators Choice Section I: Sarah Schafer.

Adjudicators Choice Section II: Onew Lee.

Adjudicators Choice Section III: Gabe Jensen.

Adjudicators Choice Section IV: Jonathan Alwine.

Margie May Ott Piano Award: Sarah Schafer.

Tony Castillo Memorial Scholarship Award: Daniel White, Milov de Mey.

String Division

Class 29, Open, Grades 11-12: CM, Jake Willard, Patrick Worthey.

Class 8, Concerto, Level 3: CM, Gold, Satoka Abo; CM, Silver, Alex Choe; CM, Jun Kang, Casey Baik.

Class 102, Chamber Music, Grades 9-12: CM, Ragazze Accesa (Bridget Scoles, Madison Vanderwall).

Class 2, Solo, Level 1: CM, Gold, Rebekah Heo, Danek Black; CM, Silver, Dana Lu.

Voice Division

Class 4, Light Opera/Operetta Aria, Grades 9-10: CM, Gold, Joseph Hall; CM, Silver, Morgan Kenne, Catherine Jacobs; CM, Natalya Ferch, Abigail Graham, Katie Kehler, Abigail Bennett.

Class 102, Ensemble, Grades 9-12: CM, Fresh (Mikaela Bosnar, Becky Herron, Megan Tiffany, Sara Moore).

Adjudicators Choice Award: Cynthia Bauder.

Sister Marietta Coyle Vocal Studies Award: Elliot Matheny.

May 18

Piano Division

Class 103, Ensemble, Upper Intermediate: CM, Gold, Parada Sisters (Michelle Parada, Sarah Parada); CM, Silver, Handel Quartet (Erin Chaves, Anne Farley, Maya LeBar, McKenna Susemiehl), J Z Duo (Zachary Ziegler, Peter Johnson).

Class 71, Open, Grades 1-3: CM, Jaden Spitz, Jo Jo Spitz, Nick Bailey, Gina Hill, Evelina Kopets, Grace Wang, Jeslyn Cai, Grace Gilbert, Kevin Pfeffer, Ethan Wu.

Class 86, Quick Study, Junior: CM, Gold, Justin Cai; CM, Silver, Kennadi Hawes.

Class 34, Romantic, Grades 4-5: CM, Gold, Jasmine Wen; CM, Silver, Nicola Brzezny, Matthew Chen, Sarah Wu; CM, Riley Hildebrand, Annabelle Hock, Gracelyn Stensland, Camryn Hawes, Isabella Kamprath, Rachel Fullmer, Trisha Boonpongmanee, Annie Shen, Payton Vorpahl.

Class 4, Baroque, Grade 5: CM, Gold, Deanna Dwyer; CM, Silver, Jasmine Wen; CM, Inthat Boonpongmanee, Dyra Fowler, Isabella Kamprath.

Class 77, Open, Adult: CM, Cathy Brown.

Class 50, Contemporary, Grade 5: CM, Gold, Sabrina Wang; CM, Silver, Deanna Dwyer, Madison Pelland; CM, Iavis Kopets, Si Qi He.

Class 52, Contemporary, Grade 7: CM, Gold, Danek Black; CM, Silver, Isabella Mesenbrink, Luke Irvine, Thomas Loftus, Anne Fields, Caleb Hindman.

Class 87, Quick Study, Senior: CM, Gold, May Lim; CM, Silver, Garrison Colvin.

Class 61, Sonatina, Grade 4: CM, Gold, Peter Yu; CM, Silver, Matthew Chen, Wendy Bai, Nicola Brzezny, Annabelle Hock.

Class 62, Sonatina, Grade 5: CM, Lori Feng, Egret Jin, Sean Li, Madison Pelland, Inthat Boonpongmanee, Sabrina Wang.

Class 53, Contemporary, Grade 8: CM, Mackenzie Hock.

Class 49, Contemporary, Grade 4: CM, Gold, Jacob Keyes; CM, Silver, Sarah Wu, Wendy Bai, Helen Gao; CM, Trisha Boonpongmanee, Talitha Call, Areena Solodyankin, Emmanuel Lo, Nicola Brzezny.

Class 63, Sonatina, Grade 6: CM, Gold, Hunter Moses; CM, Silver, Josie Paulson, Roman Morelli.

String Division

Class 11, Open Concerto, Grades 7-8: CM, Alex Choe.

Class 22, Open, Elementary Through Grade 3: CM, Jeslyn Cai, Tess Keyes, Helen Garabedian, Grace Keyes.

Class 23, Open, Elementary Grades 4-6: CM, Madeleine Feola, Alexis Yeoh.

Class 6, Concerto, Level 1: CM, Gold, Christopher Park; CM, Silver, Willa King.

Voice Division

Class 7, Solo, Grade 7: CM, Gold, Anna Nowland; CM, Silver, Alissa Kolosnitsyn; CM, Britni Copley, Brittany Mendoza-Pena.

Class 21, 17th and 18th Century Italian, Grade 8: CM, Nicole Harris, Caitlin McLennan.

Class 8, Solo, Grade 8: CM, Gold, Meredith Plagerman; CM, Silver, Taylor Yamane; CM, Rebecca Calloway, LaShea Roylance, Devyn Marie Seier.

Class 16, Open, Grades 11-12: CM, Whitney Marshall.

Class 17, Open, College and Adult: CM, Hannah Cuviello.

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