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Sun., May 27, 2012

Poor paving decision

The city of Spokane has a citizens board to advise on using tax dollars for street projects. The city could hire new workers, train those hired, get mediocre work for the first year (some to be redone), pay union wages and medical benefits, and give them regular staff increases forever because you cannot lay off public union employees. Also, pay a very nice retirement after years of service.

Or, the city could hire a contractor who has employees with years of experience, that has placed a winning bid, needs only one or two of your engineers to supervise, and you pay them (with retainage) at the conclusion of the project. End of cost.

City workers: materials plus labor and benefits for 20 years plus retirement.

Private: material plus labor and profit – once.

P.S. Maybe we need new advisers on the board.

Veronica Van Woert


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