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The Slice: Relatives of the Wright brothers?

Sun., May 27, 2012

You can tell that someone of a certain age has not been keeping up with the times when you hear that person refer to any and all airliners as a 707.

Let’s move on.

Choose your farmer tan role model: A)Little Luke in “The Real McCoys.” B)Arnold Ziffel in “Green Acres.” C)Ma Joad in “The Grapes of Wrath.” D)The couple in the painting, “American Gothic.” E)Bob Ewell in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” F)Fern Arable in “Charlotte’s Web.” G)Joey Starrett in “Shane.” H).Audra Barkley in “The Big Valley.” I)Commune guy in “Easy Rider.” J)Ezra Biggins in “All Creatures Great and Small.” K)Manon in “Manon of the Spring.” L)Other.

A failure to communicate: Several readers, obviously not longtime Slicers, assumed I was unaware of the urine odor issue when asking how you can tell people love asparagus.

Actually, that is exactly why I asked. For what other foods would a significant segment of the population be willing to endure sulfurous fumes as part of the bargain?

The nine categories of nearby co-workers wearing headphones: 1)Wear them to listen to work-related audio. 2)Wear them to listen to music. 3)Wear them as part of a telephone set-up. 4)Wear them expressly to tune you out. 5)Wear them to discourage stop-and-chats. 6)Wear them 24/7. 7)Wear them to listen to radio ranting. 8)Wear them to facilitate fooling around on 9)Wear them to keep ideas from leaking out.

Bob’s your uncle: Guess what Spokane attraction is included in the BBC’s online list of “America’s best carousels.”

That’s correct.

This date in Slice history (1999): Today’s Slice question: How fakey is your insincere laugh? (Oh, right. You never do that.) A)Just a little bit phony. B)Creeps out everyone within 50 feet. C)It forces people to re-evaluate their will to live. D)It’s especially horrible when you’re sucking up. E)It sounds like a laugh-track. F)Other.

Today’s Slice question: The songs that most reliably transport you back to summers long ago tend to be from what years?

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