May 27, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Whitworth graduation ignored


For more than a week now, I have searched for a mention in your paper of the commencement services held May 13 for Whitworth University graduates. Admittedly, I was disheartened to see the Monday headline, “Nobel winner tells students to keep dreaming,” with Desmond Tutu decorating the front page.

You see, there was a big event at the Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena that afternoon, too. Over 500 students representing a variety of states and nations received their undergraduate degrees from Whitworth. Why is it that this private college established in 1890 in Spokane was overlooked in favor of the grand attention displayed to another private university, Gonzaga?

Isn’t there room for both universities to receive accolades? I, for one, know that Whitworth offers an outstanding education, and the majority of graduates go on to become successful in their fields of interest.

Additionally, the friends and family that come to Spokane in affiliation with Whitworth stimulate our Spokane economy in a variety of ways. As a daily subscriber to The Spokesman-Review for nearly 30 years, I think you owe Whitworth, its family, friends and relatives a huge apology for overlooking the distinguished Class of 2012.

Judy Jordan


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