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Mon., May 28, 2012

Romney unfit for office

A story has surfaced about Mitt Romney assaulting another boy suspected of being gay while he was in prep school. Romney, along with several other boys, tackled and held the boy down while the former Massachusetts governor cut off his hair. The whole time the victim was crying and pleading for Romney to stop. But Mitt Romney did not stop. He just kept laughing and viciously assaulting his victim.

Now, to be fair, I don’t think there are very many of us who can say we never did anything stupid when we were teenagers, including yours truly. But physically attacking another human being and laughing while I did it? That far exceeds anything that could even remotely be considered youthful antics.

And it reveals something very dark about this person who seeks to lead this nation. And what it reveals is that beneath the veneer of cordial civility Romney hides behind lies a selfish, mean-spirited bully; a man of privilege incapable of relating to anyone but himself.

Mitt Romney is unfit to hold elected office.

Devin Barber


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