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The Slice: Salvage a thumbs-up, please

Some people yearn for approval from their spouse or maybe from their boss, but once a week it’s the approbation of the recycling truck guys that really matters.

Just wondering: When people at your workplace hear the phone ring and see that it’s you calling from home, do they automatically assume you left your cellphone at the office again and will be asking them to put it in a secure place?

What young grandkids in another part of the country could call their Inland Northwest grandfather: In a conversation with an older co-worker, my colleague John Stucke came up with a proposal: “Spopop.”

Not bad. So what would you suggest? Kandad? Spogramps?

This date in Slice history (1995): Call and vote: Do you want to read our annual ranting-about- sprinklers-forcing- walkers-off-the-sidewalk item or should we skip it this year?

Just wondering: If everyone in the Spokane area who shoplifted even once suddenly disappeared from the face of the Earth, how many people would be left around here?

Proposed candle scents: “Summer Rain in the Mountains.” – Beth Neal

“Potato chip factory.” – Judi Durfee

“Single malt scotch.” – Mike Storms

Warm-up question: When it is time for you to stop driving because of age-related infirmities, what do you expect you will do?

A) Graciously hand over the keys and instruct one of my kids to sell the car. B) Tell my children to mind their own business. C) Immerse myself in a thick soup of denial and keep driving. D) Ask the person telling me that I need to stop driving if he or she intends to be available 24/7 to give me a ride. E) Scoff and keep driving until I cause a horrible accident. F) Hone my list of rationalizations. “But I never go very far.” G) Try to redirect the conversation by saying “Have you seen the way teenage boys drive?” H) What? I) Other.

Today’s Slice question: What was the reaction of the person to whom you were speaking when you scoffed at “Fifty Shades of Grey” (without having read it)?

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