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Lost wolf pup finds temporary home

Wed., May 30, 2012, 11:09 a.m.

Campers on Friday outside of Ketchum, Idaho, picked up what they thought was a lost domestic puppy but it turned out to be a wolf.

The campers took it to a veterinary clinic, where a technician suspected the pup might be a wolf and contacted Defenders of Wildlife. A representative of that organization contacted the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

Fish and Game officials spent part of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday searching for a wolf pack near the area where the pup was found, hoping to reunite it with the pack. But they found no fresh sign, a news release from Fish and Game said.

A blood sample was drawn for a DNA test to determine whether the pup is a wolf, a wolf-hybrid or something else.

Zoo Boise agreed to take the pup temporarily and to help Fish and Game find it a permanent home.

The pup is not in good physical condition and needs veterinary care.

Fish and Game reminds people that they should leave young animals found in the wild alone. In the case of the pup, it is possible that a wolf pack was moving with the pups and may have been disturbed by traffic.

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