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MAC firing begs explanation

There may well be a reason (or even reasons) why the executive committee of the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture fired Forrest Rodgers. If so, I would like to hear just one of them.

Rodgers has an uncontested excellent history of museum-building, fundraising and staff management. Rodgers’ secretive firing by the MAC’s executive committee was disgusting. Committee Chairwoman Chris Schnug’s and her cohorts’ dismissive, arrogant attitude toward the public that supports the MAC – those who pay admission, those who contribute and the taxpayers who fund the museum – seems more appropriate to the Spanish Inquisition or Renaissance England’s Star Chamber than a committee charged with a public institution in the 21st-century United States.

They thumb their nose at us, saying it is “none of our business.” In fact, it certainly is our business. And I would like to hear about it.

Schnug’s blaming the media for the problem she created is a cheap shot. The media did not invent the mess Schnug and company created. They did. And we, the public, deserve and demand an explanation.

Travis and Sharlene Rivers



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