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Mann: A bit more sun-showers mix, then warmer than usual

Thu., May 31, 2012

As May winds down, we’re still in the midst of a sun-and-showers weather pattern. As of early Tuesday, Spokane International Airport had received .67 inches of moisture for May, about three-quarters of an inch below normal. Despite high temperatures in the mid-80s on the 14th and 15th, the average reading of 53.4 degrees for this month was 1.3 degrees below normal.

It looks like we’ll see more sun and showers into the middle of June. Then high pressure is expected to dominate our region for the summer, giving us above-normal temperatures and below-normal precipitation.

August 2011 was very warm with an average temperature of 70.8, about 1.5 degrees above normal. The summer’s highest reading of 94 degrees occurred on Aug. 28. There were six days with readings at or above 90 degrees at the airport.

August 2011 was bone dry until the final few hours of the month when .23 inches fell. This August, I see seven to 10 afternoons in the region with afternoon highs in the 90s. Once again, toward the middle of the month, we could approach the century mark.

Total precipitation this August should less than an inch. But most days will be warm to hot and generally sunny.

Last September was much warmer than normal. The average temperature was 65 degrees, 4.8 degrees above average. There were a whopping seven days at or above 90 degrees with the latest 90-degree reading reported on Sept. 24.

Total precipitation during September was just .14 inches, about 20 percent of the normal rainfall of 0.67.

This September probably won’t be quite as warm as last year, but we could still see four to six afternoons near 90 degrees.

As far as precipitation is concerned, I see about a half-inch this September, a bit below normal. Some light frosts will be possible late in the month, especially in those normally colder areas away from the warmer lake waters at the higher elevations.

October was slightly warmer than normal with an average reading of 48.1 degrees. Precipitation was below average with 0.73 inches, compared to a normal of 1.18 inches. This October looks a little wetter than average with near-normal temperatures.

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