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Thu., Nov. 1, 2012

Chivalry takes a seat

“Where have all the good men gone?” Surely a catchy song, but was Bonnie Tyler on to more? As a sophomore at Eastern Washington University and a first-time public transit user, it has become evident that chivalry no longer exists.

Each day on the bus I have witnessed the depressing moral standards of men my age. Just the other day seating was so limited that more than 15 people were required to stand. Of those 15 standing, 11 of them were women. Consistent with my observations from days previous, not one man got up to offer a girl his seat.

Just because America now stands for equality between the sexes, should this mean that manners evaporate completely? Perhaps it is the newly found freedom from their parents they feel at college that prompts these boys to be inconsiderate. Or maybe it stems from a profound lack in parenting where etiquette was never taught.

Even the courtesy to hold open doors is nonexistent. Whatever the cause, the obvious effect is unsettling. Equality is great, but why should women’s rights mean the end of gallantry? At any rate, it doesn’t look as if we women will find a hero anytime soon.

Lauren Wells


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