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Jim Kershner’s this day in history

Thu., Nov. 1, 2012

From our archives, 100 years ago

Consternation reigned in Spokane’s “noodle joints” after the city restaurant inspector issued an edict that “teapots be cleaned after each order instead of being permitted to retain their deposit of tea grounds indefinitely.”

The Chinese chefs “held up their hands in horror at the suggestion, claiming that the washing of the teapots would destroy the celebrated flavor that has made Chinese tea famous.”

The restaurant inspector, Mrs. Belle Fowler, informed them that she “knew better” and that this excuse would not fly with her.

“I have made tea for years and would never think of using the pot without washing,” said Mrs. Fowler.

She said the order was prompted by the discovery of teapots so dirty that “green scum” had formed on the surface.

From the joyride beat: Four teenagers stole a car from in front of the Masonic Temple and went on a joyride at 65 miles per hour across the Monroe Street Bridge.

They halted only after police fired five shots at the car. Nobody was injured, but police took two boys, 19 and 18, into custody for possession of stolen property. They allowed two girls, both 18, to go home after a stern talking-to.

One of the boys was also booked for having cigarettes in his possession.

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