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Thu., Nov. 1, 2012

Vote for the collective good

I vote the party, not the candidate. I do not vote for the party that believes government should only exist for rich people and corporations. I vote for the party that believes government exists to accomplish for us collectively that which we cannot accomplish individually. Therefore, I vote Democrat only.

I am not persuaded by the popular TV channel that claims to be “fair and balanced news,” but is, rather, a biased political opinion channel.

We can expect from the Democratic Party the regulation of companies and products such as baby cribs that do not kill babies; pet food that does not kill pets; air and water that does not kill fish and people; and safe autos and safe airplanes.

We can expect safety nets for the poor and middle class, as there are safety nets for the wealthy and big business.

We can expect elected officials who do not treat individuals as commodities to be exploited. We can also expect health care, retirement with dignity for all and free public education for our common cause.

We can expect a government not of, by, and for big business and the wealthy powerful few, but of, by, and for the people.

Mary Ellen Haker


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