November 1, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Voted by not voting


I voted by not voting this election. I returned my ballot, marking my preferences on the various initiatives, but did not vote for any political candidate.

With all the stretched truths, half-truths, innuendos and outright lies in political advertisements, how can I trust any candidate not to lie to me once in office?

I could vote for the candidate who echoes my opinions on the majority of the issues, but since the U.S. Supreme Court allowed campaign dollars to act without revealing their source, how do I know that the owners of my favorite candidate will allow the freedom to act the way I expect her or him to?

And the corporations are buying equal portions of both political parties, guaranteeing the same degree of compliance to their demands no matter who wins.

On my ballot, I marked the line for “write in” and then wrote in “no vote” so that no one can use my ballot to pad the box for their favorites. That way, no one can nullify my statement that it just isn’t worth the effort to choose in this climate of smoke, mirrors and utter deception.

Art Seaton


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