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End West Side spending

Over the past two weeks, I noticed that The Spokesman-Review endorsed Andy Billig over Nancy McLaughlin, and Dennis Dellwo over Jeff Holy. We just got rid of Sen. Lisa Brown, and now you recommend sending two more tax-and-spend liberals to Olympia to replace her? Don’t we have enough of them in the state Legislature already from the West Side?

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of paying $4 a gallon for gas. Washington is currently going through financial meltdown because of past excessive spending. Isn’t it about time we send two thoughtful, fiscally responsible representatives to Olympia?

I urge Spokane taxpayers to really think before they vote for more of what we’ve experienced in past years. These are tough times. Many people can’t find jobs while others are underemployed and really hurting.

Margaret Thatcher once said that liberalism seems to work fine until you run out of other people’s money. Folks, it’s time to do something about the financial mess in Olympia. I urge you to vote for Nancy McLaughlin and Jeff Holy. They will more accurately represent East Side interests and values.

Steve Carter



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