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Fri., Nov. 2, 2012

Let your voice be heard

For all those individuals that feel as if they don’t have a voice, I hear you. For those who have lost their job, house, savings and livelihood, I hear you. It is time for everyone to hear you, too. This is the time to decide what is best for our country. Regardless of party affiliation, don’t we want more and better opportunities for our children than we have? Don’t we want our children to be proud of working hard and seeing the fruits of their labor? There is no better feeling.

I have heard enough from the entitlement people and the wealthy. The wealthy are denouncing their citizenship. The entitlement people obviously don’t understand who pays for their entitlement. It is, of course, the middle class and small-business owners.

The point is no matter one’s party affiliation or one’s general frustration with the working of our government, we can change it. It is time to be heard now more than ever. Everyone matters and every voice should be heard; starting with you, your neighbor and your community. Arm yourself with information of the issues and don’t take the press’ word. Then let your voice be heard through your vote.

Charlotte Tripp

Liberty Lake

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