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Boy hit by truck Halloween night

SATURDAY, NOV. 3, 2012

Smoke machines at parties generate calls

Halloween nearly turned deadly for one 13-year-old boy when he was hit by a truck while crossing the street in the area of Dishman-Mica Road and Appleway Boulevard just after 10 p.m.

The truck was going about 35 mph and the boy was thrown 30 feet by the collision, said Spokane Valley Fire Department assistant fire marshal Bill Clifford. “He took a pretty good hit,” Clifford said. “He could have had more life-threatening injuries than what he got. We packaged him up and sent him to the hospital.”

The boy was conscious but not very coherent, Clifford said. “He wasn’t answering questions appropriately,” he said. “He knew who his mom was, but was not aware of the address or phone number.”

That crash was one of 23 reported to the fire department during the week of Oct. 25 to 31. Nine people were transported to the hospital, including two men involved in a high-speed rollover crash on Mission Avenue in Liberty Lake on Oct. 25.

There were a few small fires reported, but nothing serious. A basement fire was reported in the 4500 block of North Best Road at 7:42 p.m. on Oct. 26. Combustibles were too close to a light fixture and a mattress caught on fire, Clifford said. “When they start burning, mattresses start putting out really nasty black smoke that permeates everything,” he said.

Two Halloween parties featuring smoke machines generated calls to the fire department by people who thought the homes were on fire. A couple of people were caught burning trash. An abandoned camp fire was put out in the 8800 block of East Appleway Boulevard on Oct. 26. A piece of heavy equipment used to load boxcars on top of flatbed trains caught fire in the 1700 block of North Dickey Road on Sunday. “It’s like a great big, huge fork lift,” Clifford said.

The department responded to 252 calls during the week, including 194 for EMS. There were hazardous materials calls for a gasoline spill, an oil spill, an ammonia odor and natural gas odor. Crews also responded to help free a 5-year-old who got stuck in a daybed. “We were able to get there and push the mattress out of the way to free the little girl that was in there,” Clifford said.

Daylight saving time ends Sunday morning and Clifford said he urges people to change the batteries in their smoke detectors at that time.

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