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Tech jobs featured on Idaho website

BOISE – The Idaho Department of Labor and 160-member Idaho Technology Council have teamed up to create a TechJobs Portal on the state jobs website.

“There was a misperception that there wasn’t a lot of opportunity for tech jobs (in Idaho),” Malcolm Hong, project manager for the Idaho Technology Council, told the Idaho Statesman.

About 100 Idaho tech jobs are listed on the portal that went live about three weeks ago. The 160 members that are part of the Idaho Technology Council range from small startups to large companies such as Micron Technology Inc. and Hewlett Packard Co.

The TechJobs Portal makes it easier for job seekers to search for Idaho tech jobs.

“So somebody from outside looking in would see what a vibrant technology job sector we have – and not just the fact that there was one opportunity for them,” said Daniel Holmes, a regional business specialist for the Department of Labor. “If they needed a Plan B, they could see a critical mass of tech jobs.”

The state agency spent more than six months creating the site and making it user-friendly. “It’s not just tech companies that struggle to find technology talent,” Holmes said.

He predicted that as more companies see the advantage of posting tech positions on the site, the number of jobs listings will grow.