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Vote your faith on R-74

The organization called Catholics for Marriage Equality has recently spent thousands of dollars for an ad in The Spokesman-Review and over $10 million in Washington using some 1,000 signatures (36 of them named “anonymous”), alluding that all or most Catholics support same-sex marriage. This is nonsense.

The Catholic Church absolutely does not support this referendum. I am surprised that this organization even calls itself Catholic. It must be with a small “c.”

All this money and time spent for a definition. Under existing law, same-sex partners already have all the benefits that heterosexual couples have. It is all done under the guise of kindness and love.

What about truth? As Catholics/Christians, we all are commanded to love our neighbor as ourselves, but God has other laws for his creatures that we must not ignore. We were created man and woman with the ultimate intent to procreate and populate the Earth, and that is something that same-sex partners are never able to do because it is not in accordance with God’s plan.

It’s time we Catholics and all Christians started voting according to our faith, leaving any party or political correctness aside.

Manuel Aguilar



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