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Tue., Nov. 6, 2012

McGovern a great American

America recently lost one of the greatest members of Tom Brokaw’s “greatest generation”: George McGovern. A World War II bomber pilot, he became a genuine hero when he fought tirelessly to end the Vietnam War. He was wise enough to recognize the difference between necessary and unnecessary wars, clearly understanding President Dwight Eisenhower’s admonition about the military-industrial complex.

Unfortunately, we were foolish enough to re-elect President Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon, a transparently insecure man and third-rate crook whose “secret plan” to end the war tragically prolonged it, resulting in many thousands of additional deaths (American and some of our other fellow human travelers), to no good end.

It is hard not to say “I told you so” when you witness the first and only resignation of an American president, in shame and disgrace. Donkeys never forget.

Ron Doyen


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