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Late-night concrete workers draw police to new-home site

A resident in the 100 block of Chief Garry Lane called police shortly after midnight on Oct. 30 to report seeing someone with a flashlight walking around a home under construction. An officer responded and found the two men had legitimate reasons to be there, said Liberty Lake Police Chief Brian Asmus.

The two were taking measurements for planned concrete work, though Asmus said he has no idea why they chose to do it at that hour of the day. The officer looked at the work they had diagrammed and called the contractor to verify that the two were scheduled to do work at the home, Asmus said.

A wallet and iPad were reported stolen from an unlocked car in an open garage in the 2100 block of North Country Vista Boulevard sometime early Oct. 20. The man’s wallet was reportedly found near East Farms Elementary School and credit cards taken from the wallet were used at the Liberty Lake Zip Trip and a Wal-Mart in Post Falls, Asmus said. Police are getting video surveillance footage from the Zip Trip to review, he said.

A resident of the 21000 block of East Rockrose Lane reported on Oct. 30 that some tools were taken from his unlocked car. A bike left outside a store in the 22300 block of East Appleway Avenue was reported stolen Saturday.

The Safeway manager reported a case of fraud on Oct. 31. People are apparently purchasing items from the store then altering the receipt to make it look like something more expensive was purchased, Asmus said. They then go back to the store, get that item off the shelf and “return” it to get cash.

“It’s apparently happened several times,” Asmus said. Similar cases have been reported at other Safeway stores in the area, he said.

Police received another fraud report Friday. A man reported that someone was creating fake checks using his business account and cashing them in Mississippi. The case is under investigation.

A resident called police at 3:35 a.m. Saturday to report finding an elderly, disoriented woman wearing only a night gown near Mission Avenue and Homestead Drive. The woman has dementia and wandered out of Guardian Angel Homes through a service door that didn’t lock properly and wasn’t alarmed, Asmus said. “She didn’t make it far,” he said. “Luckily a citizen saw her and covered her up with a blanket.”

The woman was returned to the assisted living facility. “They weren’t aware they were missing anyone,” Asmus said.

Officers made multiple arrests during the week. Two people going door to door trying to get people to sign up for Comcast services were arrested in the 1000 block of North Tanglewood Lane on Nov. 1 because they did not have the license required to sell products door to door. Police arrested Zachary M. Daley, 31, in the 21000 block of George Gee Lane on Friday. He was wanted on a felony warrant for two counts of grand theft in Idaho. Asmus said he had received a call from the Post Falls Police Department looking for Daley. “They’ve been looking for this guy,” he said. “Idaho wanted him bad.”

Donald A. Knight, 61, was arrested at Harvard Road and Indiana Avenue on Saturday on a felony arrest warrant for probation violations from Vancouver, Wash.

An officer stopped a car in the 22800 block of Country Vista Drive and found a reportedly intoxicated 16-year-old girl behind the wheel. Alcohol was found in the car, Asmus said. The girl had either left home or been kicked out in February and had been staying with friends or sleeping on the streets since then, Asmus said. She was cited for minor operating a vehicle after alcohol consumption and released to Child Protective Services.

“We got CPS involved, obviously,” he said. “She did not want us to do that.”

There were also four arrests for driving with a suspended license during the week of Oct. 29 to Nov. 5. Officers handed out two citations for license and plates required and two for failure to show proof of liability insurance. Additional citations were given for improper attachment of plate to vehicle, driving without a license and speeding.

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