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The Slice: We asked, and you answered

Readers were asked to come up with suggestions.

About 90 submitted ideas, and that’s not counting entries from those who failed to follow the simple rules.

Here’s a sampling.

“My suggestion for Spokane is that all of the political signs are required to be taken down the day after the election.” — Janice Britton

“Tell the weather forecasters to stop freaking out about an incoming storm.” — Donae Thornburg

“Take the obituaries out of the Sports section, because they are not a sport, and put them in the Today section of your newspaper.” — Betty Brooks

“Planes could load passengers much more quickly if they seated window seats first, then the middle, then the aisle seats, instead of by rows.” — Mary Testa-Smith

“Before berating your child, pet, spouse, colleague or stranger, take a deep cleansing breath and a moment to rethink your response.” — Taryn Hutchins

“I think offspring of all ages should talk to their parents without asking for anything.” — Bob Stallman

“You don’t know what they are going through so try to be patient with that person who is driving like an idiot.” — Cindy Magi

“You would need to opt in to having a phone book dropped on your porch.” — Karn Nielsen

“I suggest that you use more of the items that I send in to you.” — Jim Malm

“While driving 40 mph on a residential street, nearing an arterial, it is possible to begin to apply your brakes prior to being eight feet past the stop sign.” — Mike Hall

“Be a responsible pet owner.” — Dawn Reed-Burton

“When in doubt, always take the high road.” — John Mraz

“I suggest we all start each day this month thinking of something for which we are thankful.” — Laci Serben

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Kari Lynn Gilbert won the tickets to the basketball game. Here’s her idea.

“Each Spokanite (man, woman and child) should do one thing this month for the benefit of Spokane (and other residents of) without expecting any benefit for themselves.”

Today’s Slice question: Which mountain pass would you like to have renamed after you?

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